Let’s change the world for the better

At Carne we’re profoundly motivated by being a force for good. We believe we can make a valuable contribution across a number of important issues that affect our people, society, industry and planet. Thoughtfulness and togetherness are two of our principal values. In combination they have the power to change things. This is all about finding ways to make change simple to achieve, for everything from social inclusion to climate change. And acting together to achieve it.

A declaration of intent

In December 2020 we agreed a €100 million investment from Vitruvian Partners for an equity share in the business. During negotiations we requested a specific inclusion in the share arrangement: a facility linked to the ultimate exit valuation of the Vitruvian investment. This facility would trigger the release of share capital into a charitable fund.  

Potentially, it’s worth millions of euros for good causes.  

It is a gesture that marks the scale of our ambition to make a positive impact. But it must – and will – be backed up with thoughts and actions. Every single day, every single employee, in every corner of our business.”

John Donohoe
Group chief executive officer


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